Since its inception the Shree Ramkrishna Seva Mandal had a clear vision of the time to come. As a result huge campuses were obtained which house nearly 20 institutes on four separate sites in and around Anand. Shree Ramkrishna Seva Mandal strives at excellence in academic achievement and is poised to take the challenge of Twenty first century education. The aim is to provide good education at the doorstep at little expense and more convenience. The visionary, Vakil Saheb’s ideology and philosophy is reflected in every activity of Shree R K S M. The office bearers have not lost sight of the path because they uphold the values and motto of the Mandal with eyes on the future. Diligence has been the key-note of Shree Ramkrishna Seva Mandal and the functionaries are constantly striving to attain new heights in academic areas.

The Twenty first century has opened up new vistas in education and new challenges for social service. But the aim is to make the most of the technological advancement available in our times. It is proposed to provide the best possible infrastructure and physical amenities in our institutes of learning. The college’s buildings are modernized and well equipped with amenities for the comfort and convenience of teachers. The classrooms are adequately modernized to aid teaching programmes. The facilities include well-ventilated class-rooms, audio-visual means like O H Ps and projectors and conference rooms.

The campus is buzzing with co-curricular activities like seminars, symposiums, competitions and guest lectures. Hostels for boys and girls have been setup in surroundings conducive to education. The President, The Hon. Secretary and the trustees monitor the activities round the clock and are always open to suggestions even from the common citizen. Personal care is taken for every student enrolled at our institutes and performance record is intimated to guardians’ at home. Every month guardian’s assembly is held to solve problems and chart out new programmes.

Thhe faculties at school level and college level are selected on strict criteria and the Mandal has succeeded in obtaining competent teachers for Primary, Secondary and Higher level education. The strength of faculty at Shree Ramkrishna Seva Mandal is around 300 and each one has imbibed the spirit of late Shri Vakil Saheb.

IN the present context the trust has a new agenda to meet with the newer needs of the day. A host of new courses are provided by the I T I institutes of the Mandal. Special attention is given to female education for vocational training like printing & tailoring. The founders had begun the task with meagre means because they believed in self-reliance and hence no donations were accepted for developing the campus. The growth of the campus is a unique example of sheer hard-work, expert management and self reliance.

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