he reputation of
Shree Ramkrishna Seva Mandal has spread far and wide over the past fifty years on account of the selfless service and dedication to the cause of education and commitment to the Motto
Meaning for welfare of all and happiness of all. In 1953 Shree Ramkrishna Seva Mandal’s moderate attempt was a small hospital in Anand Town to provide free medical aid and treatment to the people at large and since then the Institution has been flourishing incessantly with the result that today after 50 years Shree Ramkrishna Seva Mandal comprises 26 institutions of primary, secondary & higher education. Shree R K S M would better be known as a movement than an institution because the mission has inspired many persons to serve people. This is because the founder Dr. Gordhanbhai Patel, was a man of rare insight and foresight. His vision was to be useful to the society by promoting need based educational programmes

Shree Ramkrishna Seva Mandal’s activities encompass a wide range of educational Facilities available to one and all. Consequently, students from Anand and surrounding villages benefit from it. Even students from all over Gujarat are attracted to enroll at Shree Ramkrishna Seva Mandal’s institutes on account of the unique approach adopted by the functionaries. At present nearly 9000 students pursue their studies at various institutes on this campus. The office-bearers are sensitive enough to the needs of modern educational enviroments and hence very good infrastructure is set up to promote education.

The Mission has been a journey of 50 years and it was not a bed of roses all the way. The founders and their successors had to continually struggle to accomplish their mission. There were moments when the functionaries of
Shree Ramkrishna Seva Mandal had a tough time but since they had a noble purpose they were able to get clear of the tumultous times.

The successors of Shree ‘Vakil Saheb’are Shree Kiritkumar J. Patel, Executive Trustee and Smt. Jyotsnaben K. Patel, Hon.Secretary of
Shree Ramkrishna Seva Mandal. These two office-bearers and the other functionaries have shouldered the responsibility now. The vision and the mission of the founder is their guiding-spirit. They have dedicated themselves to the task left unfinished by him and undertaken the mission with renewed zest. The able leadership of founders is now supplanted by enthusiastic office-bearers who endeavor untiringly to keep the flame of knowledge enkindled and uphold the values dear to the founder. They can foresee the challenges likely to arise in the present century and accordingly modernized the campus.


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